#30paintedpouches update

#30paintedpouches update

#30paintedpouches update 650 448 Atop Serenity Hill

I’m half way through the birthday challenge I gave myself for the month of April and I’m thoroughly enjoying the process of creating a different canvas everyday to then sew into zippered pouches!

Hand painted canvas zippered pouches • AtopSerenityHill.com #mixedmedia #zipperedpouches #canvasbagTo be honest, I was worried I would get bored (I’m not a big fan of repetition!) but by keeping the colors, supplies and techniques different each day, I just never know what will show up on the canvas.

These hand painted canvases will be made into zippered pouches • AtopSerenityHill.com #mixedmedia #zipperedpouches #canvasbagLimiting myself to 23 minutes for each one has also helped tremendously. I can’t stop and over think the process…I have to just react and get it done. It is super freeing to be creative this way and just play!

Hand painted canvas zippered pouches • AtopSerenityHill.com #mixedmedia #zipperedpouches #canvasbagNow that I have a bunch of the bases done, I’ve started the sewing process …assembly line style. I tend to make less mistakes that way! Ripping out stitches is not my idea of a good time.

Hand painted canvas zippered pouches • AtopSerenityHill.com #mixedmedia #zipperedpouches #canvasbagThe finished canvas pouches measure approximately 6″x7″ and I’ll be listing all of them for sale in my Etsy shop at the beginning of May. I plan to continue to make them even after my self-imposed challenge is up. I am loving the process and the results and can’t wait to be able to offer them to you!

PS…you can see the canvas designs each day on my Instagram and Facebook feeds, if you want to follow along!

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