A Peek Inside: a body painted tuxedo

A Peek Inside: a body painted tuxedo

A Peek Inside: a body painted tuxedo 550 367 Atop Serenity Hill

Yesterday I shared the lovely honor I received with my Red Shoe artwork. Today I thought I would share a little behind the scenes of the painting of a black tuxedo jacket I did for the same event!
kyletuxedobodypaintThis was the second time I had the privilege of painting Kyle. Check out these pictures from the last time. This year I asked Kyle if he would be ok with me taking pictures as a step-by-step to share with all of you. Being the super sweet guy he is, of course he said yes! However, although I started off great, I ended up getting involved with the painting and forgot to take step-by-steps. So instead I’ll give you a peek at the process!
tuxedobodypaintCollageI started with the white shirt since white body paint will not cover black. I then filled in most of the black jacket. I tend to leave underarms, hands and the parts where the paint meets clothing until the end. That way touch ups can be left to a minimum. Gray was added to form the jacket’s collar and pocket, and then used to shade the opening to the shirt and jacket front. I added black buttons on the shirt and a gray button on the jacket, as well as a line of white by Kyle’s hands to show a peek of shirt sleeve. A red bow tie and a red shoe on the hanky filled in the rest.
redbowtieblacktuxedobodypaintI added white highlights to all the buttons, shading and highlights to the bow tie, and finally shading on his skin where the shirt collar rested and on his arms where the shirt sleeves ended. Since Kyle was to have photos taken with the attendees, the final step was to “seal” the paint with a spray sealer specifically made for body paint (Mehron Barrier Spray (2 oz pump). It creates a barrier so the paint will not rub off on others.
blacktuxedobodypaintwithkyleAs usual, Kyle was a sensation!! He is such a pleasure to paint and this job has become one of my favorites. BTW…Kyle’s fabulous physique comes from the fact that he makes his living as a personal trainer. You can find out more about him here and here!

I hope you enjoyed this little peek inside my world of body painting and as lovely as the final results are, this was all accomplished in the men’s room. That right…me, Kyle and a line of urinals! GLAM-O-ROUS! But the results? Priceless!

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