A Peek Inside: a Halloween pre-natal belly paint

A Peek Inside: a Halloween pre-natal belly paint

A Peek Inside: a Halloween pre-natal belly paint 550 367 Atop Serenity Hill

A few weeks ago, my friend Sarah agreed to let me paint something creepy on her very pregnant belly!! I have been saving the inspiration photo for a while so I was super excited that she was ok with it not being a sweet baby theme.
spidersprenatalbellypaintingI love how it came out…just in time for Halloween! This is a design based on one by a favorite face and body painter from Australia…Lynne Jamison.
spiderbellypaintingCollageI thought I would give you a little peek inside the steps I took to create the spider bursting out of the baby bump! I used just gray, black, white and red face paint to create the design.
paintingspidersonpregnantbellyThe baby was kicking up a storm the entire time I was painting. The movement added an extra creepy factor in that every once in a while it looked like a spider was moving!!
blackwidowspiderbodypaintThe splash of red to the backs of some of the spiders created a few black widows. I thought this might be fun since some of the females in that species eat the male after mating! I know that is a bit morbid but hey…it’s Halloween!!
spidersprenatalbellypaintingSarah and Rob’s second boy arrived last week and was a healthy 9lb 10oz!! Congrats to you both!

I did paint Sarah’s belly one more time before she gave birth with a sweet butterfly theme. Stay tuned for those pictures next month!

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