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Is face paint makeup? 550 618 Consie Sindet

Is face paint makeup?

This past weekend was my first face painting party for 2013. It was for a 4 year old’s birthday. I love that age for face painting. The kids are completely…

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Superhero Valentine 150 150 Consie Sindet

Superhero Valentine

Much to my sister’s delight, this year I volunteered to make my nephew’s Valentines for preschool. The Superhero idea we chose is not a new one and there are versions…

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Creative Every Day • January 150 150 Consie Sindet

Creative Every Day • January

I recently stumbled upon a blog, Creative Every Day, by artist Leah Piken Kolidas. She hosts a challenge on her blog that encourages her followers to try something new as…

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Out of chaos comes beauty 550 382 Consie Sindet

Out of chaos comes beauty

As a general rule, I find it hard to start a project if my work space is in chaos. This goes for work I do at home as well as…

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Enjoy the moment 150 150 Consie Sindet

Enjoy the moment

I started back to school this week. This hopefully will be my last semester as a college student as I finish my BA in Fine Art. I get nervous before…

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A different take on the Black Tuxedo Jacket 150 150 Consie Sindet

A different take on the Black Tuxedo Jacket

At the January monthly meeting of the women’s business group I belong to, BW Nice, it was announced that I would get the opportunity to once again create a body…

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And so it begins… 150 150 Consie Sindet

And so it begins…

Hi there and thanks for checking out my blog! Recently I had one of those grand epiphanies about myself. I realized that as much as I love being creative, I…

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