Cardboard tube & Washi tape chalk holder

Cardboard tube & Washi tape chalk holder

Cardboard tube & Washi tape chalk holder 550 417 Consie Sindet

Yesterday I shared my foamcore chalkboard tutorial over on Just Us Four. Today, I wanted to add on the directions for making the chalk holder that was hanging with the chalkboard in the picture.
cardboardtubewashitapechalkholderThis is a super simple project to do and can be used to hold pens, markers, scissors…all kinds of supplies…just by making the length of the cardboard tube one that works for you.
cardboardchalkholderCollageI cut the cardboard to be a little bit shorter than a stick of chalk. I then hot glued the bottom closed and painted the entire tube with white acrylic paint. The Washi tape I was using didn’t look right against the natural color of the cardboard. Depending on the pattern and color of the tape you choose, the background might need to be something other than white.

I added my Washi tape to the cardboard tube once the paint was dry and hot glued a burlap hook on the back.
burlaphangerchalkboardCollageThe burlap hook was made from hot gluing a strip of burlap together. I used the same burlap to hang the chalkboard.
foamcorechalkboardwithwashitapeStill loving on this project!! The grids I made are working to keep my blog posts organized and visible to me. And I can see where my social network numbers are each week. The whole project has become a great reminder to keep on keeping on!!


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