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Chocolate Monarch Butterflies 550 797 Consie Sindet

Chocolate Monarch Butterflies

I shared this chocolate butterfly tutorial at the end of the summer over on Practically Functional and wanted to share it with you all today! The colors of the monarch…

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Chocolate butterflies • guest post over at Practically Functional 150 150 Consie Sindet

Chocolate butterflies • guest post over at Practically Functional

Today I am over at my friend, Jessi’s place, Practically Functional! I am sharing a tutorial for these adorable and yummy chocolate butterflies just in time for the end of…

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Lego birthday cake 550 423 Consie Sindet

Lego birthday cake

My friend, Christie, always comes up with such fun ideas for cakes for her boys’ birthday parties. Last year we made an Angry Birds cake (her son was obsessed!) that…

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Painted fondant cupcake toppers 550 451 Consie Sindet

Painted fondant cupcake toppers

Last week you had a hint at these cute cupcake toppers sitting on top of my new DIY cake plate! Today I want to share with you how they came…

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DIY Cake Plate • Pizza pan with butter knives 550 463 Consie Sindet

DIY Cake Plate • Pizza pan with butter knives

So here it is…my first DIY cake plate! And it cost me a whole dollar!!! Can’t beat that! After checking out all of the inspirations I showed you, I ended…

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DIY cake plate inspirations 150 150 Consie Sindet

DIY cake plate inspirations

I ran across a post recently about DIY cake plates and I immediately wanted to make my own. I don’t own one but definitely wanted to keep the supplies on…

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More birthday cakes 550 694 Consie Sindet

More birthday cakes

I thought I would share some more cakes that I have done since I posted about the Power Ranger cake earlier this week. The cakes below were a collaboration between…

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Power Ranger birthday cake 550 786 Consie Sindet

Power Ranger birthday cake

This past weekend was my nephew’s birthday and he requested a Power Ranger cake. My parents gave him a red mask for Christmas, so I decided to recreate it for…

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