Mandala art journal + #InkTober 650 719 Consie Sindet

Mandala art journal + #InkTober

As part of my quest to get my creative mojo back, I’m going to participate in the #InkTober challenge this October. You can read all about it here. The point…

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The art of de-stressing 650 461 Consie Sindet

The art of de-stressing

What a crazy summer it has been so far. Life seems to be in fast forward so I turned to one of my favorite ways to quiet my mind and…

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Here’s to the second half 650 491 Consie Sindet

Here’s to the second half

With half of 2015 over, it seemed like a good time to do a check-in with myself and some of the goals and intentions I set this year. As the…

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A Peek Inside: my sketchbook 650 541 Consie Sindet

A Peek Inside: my sketchbook

Creating mandalas and doodling are one of my absolute go tos when it comes to de-stressing and emptying my brain. I created this page the week before our trip to…

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Doodling with stencils 650 964 Consie Sindet

Doodling with stencils

I am excited to announce that I was chosen to be a part of The Crafter’s Workshop design team for the next year! They create amazing stencils and I’m looking…

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Words to live by 650 488 Consie Sindet

Words to live by

In an effort to get better with my “fancy” lettering, I decided to practice when I can with a few quotes that are meaningful to me. Lettering is way harder…

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Doodling over color backgrounds 650 420 Consie Sindet

Doodling over color backgrounds

It is certainly no secret that I enjoy doodling but thanks to Julie Fei-Fan Balzer, I have become enamored by doodling over color backgrounds! These are the main pens/markers that…

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Happy Easter 650 436 Consie Sindet

Happy Easter

Wishing you and your family joy, happiness and peace this Easter!

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