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Handpainted zippered pouches are in the Etsy shop! 650 650 Consie Sindet

Handpainted zippered pouches are in the Etsy shop!

I am pleased to announce that after an absolutely fun month of painting canvases for my #30paintedpouches challenge, the handpainted zippered pouches are all done and up for sale in…

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Doodling with stencils 650 964 Consie Sindet

Doodling with stencils

I am excited to announce that I was chosen to be a part of The Crafter’s Workshop design team for the next year! They create amazing stencils and I’m looking…

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#30paintedpouches update 650 448 Consie Sindet

#30paintedpouches update

I’m half way through the birthday challenge I gave myself for the month of April and I’m thoroughly enjoying the process of creating a different canvas everyday to then sew…

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#CarveDecember stamp update 650 650 Consie Sindet

#CarveDecember stamp update

Carving stamps has been a great stress reliever this month. It completely adsorbs your attention! We are halfway through the #CarveDecember challenge that I am participating in and I’m so…

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Canvas bottle gift bag 446 1024 Consie Sindet

Canvas bottle gift bag

I loved working with the canvas and my sewing machine to create my faux mini quilt! So much, that I decided to make a canvas bottle gift bag to take…

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Faux mini quilt 650 488 Consie Sindet

Faux mini quilt

I bought my first sewing machine this summer and I am so enjoying playing around with it! I got it mainly to sew on paper and canvas since I was…

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Fall leaves mandala 650 765 Consie Sindet

Fall leaves mandala

Fall around here has been lovely! All of the beautiful colors inspired me to create a mandala using leaves I found on my dog walks. I then used the pictures…

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Hand carved eraser stamps 650 818 Consie Sindet

Hand carved eraser stamps

Back in the day, I owned a lot of rubber stamps. A. LOT. I loved them so much, I stamped and embossed all of my wedding invitations and reply cards.…

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