Selfie love letter 650 861 Consie Sindet

Selfie love letter

I adore Instagram. I like to think that I use it to share me. But, as I look back through my feed, mostly it is my art (and pets) that…

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Fall leaves mandala 650 765 Consie Sindet

Fall leaves mandala

Fall around here has been lovely! All of the beautiful colors inspired me to create a mandala using leaves I found on my dog walks. I then used the pictures…

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In love with raindrops 650 650 Consie Sindet

In love with raindrops

Every time it rains, I find myself searching for that perfect raindrop picture. It all started with the picture below. I’ve only managed to capture a few (I’ve posted them…

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Fall visit to the garden center 650 838 Consie Sindet

Fall visit to the garden center

I pass this local garden center every day and it kept calling my name to stop and take pictures of all the great fall colors! So one sunny day last…

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Summer at the Jersey shore 650 416 Consie Sindet

Summer at the Jersey shore

I love the beach! It probably has something to do with having been born on an island. 🙂 My husband and I were able to take a week off and…

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My just because photos 650 650 Consie Sindet

My just because photos

My crazy schedule from the past month has finally slowed down and I am looking forward to sharing some of the artwork and projects I managed to squeeze in! During…

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A walk on the beach 650 873 Consie Sindet

A walk on the beach

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to spend some time down the shore with my sister and nephew for his sixth birthday. Even though it was still a little…

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A Peek Inside: The Philadelphia Flower Show 650 433 Consie Sindet

A Peek Inside: The Philadelphia Flower Show

Last weekend I took some time to spend the day with my friend, Kristine at the Philadelphia Flower Show. It was a great opportunity to see some beautiful displays and…

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