Are you hungry for more play and delight, for a connection to yourself and that inner child who just went for it with glee?
How would starting with the joy, delight and wonder instead of the fear, expectations, and unknowns feel?
Would you be able to allow space for surprises, awareness and insight into your deeper self?
Through creativity coaching, you’ll gain the tools to navigate your life with more freedom, joy, delight, and play!

Hi! I'm Consie, a Creativity Coach and Teacher.

What my clients are saying:
“My mind gets so many ideas going, I freak out! Working with Consie has helped me to slow the spinning, helped me to stay focused and breathe. It is so rewarding because she makes everyone feel like a real artist, and when I’m working with her the process is so fulfilling. I accomplish something beautiful, I let go of the spinning, and feel focused and calm. Working with her personally, she’s a voice I know I can talk to and hear what I need at any moment. She’s amazing.”Tracy C.

Here's what I want you to know:

  • That yes, you are creative.
  • That we all struggle, but persistence and baby steps work.
  • That I have faith in you that you will find that next step.
  • That trying something ..anything! …is better than sitting still.
  • That it is all a choice.

Even though you aren’t sure how to start and don’t think you can draw a straight line, even if you keep finding yourself scrolling Instagram looking at everyone else’s art, drawn to art journaling and curious about how it works, but are still not allowing that curiosity space to play…

Let me assure you...

 that you don’t need extra hours in your week → 5 minutes will always count and adds up over time!
 that you don’t need an MFA from art school → curiosity and experimentation can be your teachers!
 that you don’t need tons of experience or supplies to tap into your creativity, start making art, and benefit from everything art journaling and making has to offer → limited supplies and a beginner’s mind are enough!
What my clients are saying:

“You have to be open to exploring facets of yourself you’ve typically not been comfortable with and you need to accept yourself as a creative person. What prompted me to try this? I’m always looking for new experiences to try and a better way to be in the world. To be more mindful, to explore my feelings with curiosity rather than being reactive. I needed a bit of direction and it’s definitely helpful to have outside input with a different perspective.” -Monica R.

When you work with me, my goal is to help you find moments of joy and positivity in your day, quieting the chaos that inevitably shows up. It will not go away but figuring out a better, calmer response to it is a start. By learning to stay present enough to catch and recognize these moments, learn to celebrate them and capture them through creativity, you life will begin to look and feel different. It might not be easy, but it is definitely possible!

What creativity coaching with me will give you...

  • Permission to play, have fun and find joy.
  • Time to explore what creativity means to you.
  • Accountability to show up for yourself.
  • Tools to nurture and deepen your creativity.
  • Projects to help develop your own style of play.
  • Ways to express your emotions safely when life throws a curve ball.
  • The ability to honor all of the things you want for yourself.

What my clients are saying:
“After years of classes and workshops using other people’s techniques and copying other artist’s styles, I wanted to move forward creating my own vision. I am definitely now starting to create my own work. I have stopped being as critical of my own work as I used to be which gives me confidence to move forward and experiment. I try not to judge myself too harshly. Painting is much less stressful. This has been the best art expenditure I ever made. And, I have made quite a few!” -Joan S.

My clients have attained fulfilling, tangible results from our working together.

If you are ready to...

  • Feed all the parts of yourself…
  • Learn tools for speaking up/self-expression…
  • Play and have fun with your creativity…
  • Allow imperfection to flourish…
  • Find ways to take your foot off of the gas…

...then I would love to work with you!

Asking for help is hard AND one of the best things we can do to show ourselves self-compassion. Why try it alone when you can allow me to be a mentor, guide and coach on your journey?

I’m Consie – an artist on her own creative journey. I’ve had over 15+ years of teaching creativity in many forms. Before online classes were even a thing, I taught in-person art classes to hundreds of women. Together we played, laughed, bitched and commiserated. They pushed me to continually learn and I encouraged them to continually try.

I’m not here to teach you how to paint, I’m here to teach you how to pick up your paintbrush and get your creative practice rooted in your life so that the freedom of expressing yourself can show up.

Together, we’ll meet in the messy middle and give ourselves permission to play, experiment, and have fun with our art!

I’m so excited to meet you where you are on your journey!

Are you ready to show up for yourself, find a sense of calm, play, explore, celebrate you?
Then let’s chat and we can explore if this is the path to find your way back to your creative self.

Single 30 minute Creativity Chat: $45.00

30 minute call on Zoom to work on a project, get started on a challenge, talk something out, get unstuck, get help with a supply or technique, create a plan.

One Year of Creativity Chats: $495.00

That’s twelve 30-minute calls, one per month on Zoom, to keep your momentum going, to check in on goals and intentions, to dive even deeper into your creative practice with someone to cheer you on.
All sessions must be used within the year.

What my clients are saying:
“I was looking for accountability to create on a regular basis and continue to inspire new avenues to explore creativity. Consie has a contagious creative spirit. Her encouragement just to “play” and “experiment” with materials transferred to other aspects of my life. Her motto is just keep going until something emerges.” -Ruth H.

Do you still have questions about how this all works? Then please reach out and I’ll be happy to help!