DIY Cake Plate • Pizza pan with butter knives

DIY Cake Plate • Pizza pan with butter knives

DIY Cake Plate • Pizza pan with butter knives 550 463 Atop Serenity Hill

So here it is…my first DIY cake plate! And it cost me a whole dollar!!! Can’t beat that!
cakeplatewithknifelegs1After checking out all of the inspirations I showed you, I ended up at the dollar store. I loved the idea of using the pizza pan but I couldn’t find a base that would work. My clever husband, however, had the perfect idea!
cakeplatediysuppliesOur friend, Rick, had recently given me a box full of old silverware that he had been hoarding storing in his garage. By luck I found three matching knives with lovely, old, worn handles and the silver matched the pizza pan perfectly!
markingknifestobendSince we wanted all the legs to bend at the exact same spot, I marked them with a Sharpie. The marker wiped right off when we were done.
bendingknifeforcakeplatelegLee, the hubby, bent them all for me using a pair of pliers.  Since the knives where old, he was very gentle with the bending so as not to go too far and snap the blade off.
bottomofcakeplateUsing a super scientific method to find the center of the pizza pan (I completely eyeballed it!!!), I added E600 to the bottom of the knife blades. Not shown in the picture is the frustration of trying to hold three knives down at the same time! I ended up putting a piece of wax paper on top of the blades and then a heavy bowl so they could stay flat and dry overnight. In hindsight, I should have done them one at a time so as to avoid the super messy glue job that you see in the photo. Oh well, live and learn! No one should be looking at the bottom anyhow!!
knifelegoncakeplateI think it is a fun and unique cake plate! It does have one fun little perk…if placed on a slick surface, it has a bit of suspension, so I won’t be putting any super big cakes on it!! It works way better on a fabric surface.
cakeplatewithknifelegs1As for the cupcakes displayed on top…those are for another post (find it here!!).  Just a hint…have you tried painting on fondant?

I am super happy with my newest DIY project! Did the inspirations from my round-up give you some ideas? Did you try making your own cake plate? Share what you did in the comments below!


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