Don’t think, just paint

Don’t think, just paint

Don’t think, just paint 650 472 Atop Serenity Hill

I am not a fan of painting on stretched canvas. I’d much rather paint on something that serves a function other than to just hang on a wall. I know as an artist this is not exactly the norm but I’ve always felt that way.

Mixed media canvas by #acrylic #mixedmedia #artSo when my friend, M.E. asked me to paint a few canvases to put on consignment for her new shop, Bethany Beach Art House in Delaware, my first instinct was to cringe! Why couldn’t I just send her my zippered pouches? They were painted canvas, after all. I just happened to have made them functional!

Mixed media canvas by #acrylic #mixedmedia #artBut M.E. made a good argument for painting the stretched canvases. There are many people that see art as the hanging version on the wall, not necessarily the non-traditional way I like to make it…by sewing canvas into “stuff”. She thought that clients would be more drawn in by having both options to choose from.

Mixed media canvas by #acrylic #mixedmedia #artIt was a new way of looking at the selling process for me (I come from a very crafty background) and I’m glad that she encouraged me to go for it.

Mixed media canvas by #acrylic #mixedmedia #artInstead of overthinking the process, I grabbed three canvases this past weekend and employed one of my favorite mantras…don’t think, just paint!

Mixed media canvas by #acrylic #mixedmedia #artAll three canvases started off with the same set of colors and yet each one took a different direction.

Mixed media canvas by #acrylic #mixedmedia #artI had the best time playing, and trying this and that. I guess it just proves I need to get out of my own way sometimes and just let it flow! The canvases are on their way to Delaware, along with a bunch of the zippered pouches. Wish me luck!

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