Doodled watercolor bookmarks

Doodled watercolor bookmarks

Doodled watercolor bookmarks 550 389 Consie Sindet

I read. A LOT! Those that know me well are rolling their eyes right now! Lol! I own a Kindle (a lovely gift from the husband!) and that works great for trips and to always have a book available. However, I love reading actual books, with pages I can turn, so I can skip ahead and read the endings!! Yes, I do that.
doodledbookmarkswatercolorBecause of my addiction, I visit my local library weekly. I could never afford to buy the amount of books I can devour in a week’s time, so borrowing is the best! Every once in a while, I find a bookmark or a receipt or note left in a book and I thought wouldn’t it be fun to leave behind a bookmark for the next person to use? I can never seem to find one when I need it and have been known to use toilet paper. I know, a little TMI, but there you have it.
watercolorsketchingsuppliesI had some watercolor postcards in my supplies and when they were cut in half, they made a great size for a bookmark.
watercolorbookmarksI added some random watercolor splashes all over the paper with my fabulous water brush (affiliate link…because I think everyone should own one of these!!) and let them dry. The bookmarks curled up a bit, so I left them overnight under a heavy book.
doodledwatercolorbookmarksOver the next few days, I doodled over the watercolors whenever I was watching TV, using both a extra fine tip and a fine tip black marker. I didn’t have any plans, just did whatever came to mind. It was a great stress reliever!
bookmarksnotesonbackOn the back of the bookmarks, I added a few sayings I found online. These aren’t perfect or neat. Just a fun surprise for the next person to enjoy when they dive into a book! I have been adding them to the books I’m returning and hope they bring a smile to someone face.

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