A basic list of face painting supplies for a stress-free birthday party

A basic list of face painting supplies for a stress-free birthday party

A basic list of face painting supplies for a stress-free birthday party 650 650 Atop Serenity Hill

As a professional face painter, I get asked the most about face painting ideas for kids birthday parties. It is the number one type of job I get hired for. However, I know that not everyone can afford to hire a face painter and would love to be able to face paint at their kid’s birthday party themselves. So, today I am starting a series to share with you some easy face painting tips to help you create a unique experience at your next celebration.
Face painting at birthday parties...the supply list! • AtopSerenityHill.comThis first post will be all about the right supplies. You can buy face paint in local craft stores or big box stores. However, it is not always the best quality and what you use will have an impact on how your designs come out. I am going to share with you my recommendations for a simple paint kit. Some of the items you can buy from Amazon. Others can be found in your home or easily purchased at the supermarket. These supplies will make your job as a face painter at your kids birthday party a breeze.
Face painting at birthday parties...the supply list! • AtopSerenityHill.comHere is my basic list:

  • Face paint – start with one of these paint sets: Wolfe 12 Color Palette or Paradise 8 Color Palette. If you want to add on to these palettes, buying a large white, black and/or red is the next step. These 3 colors go the faster.
  • Glitter – because the face paint designs look even better with a little sparkle! Also, glitter is great to cover up a crooked line or two!
  • Sponges – the ones I use are round hydro sponges that I cut in half. I use half a sponge for each color but you can always put 2 colors on each half so you can buy less. Makeup sponges will work in a pinch.
  • Brushes – #4 round brushes are the most commonly used, along with a liner and a filbert or flat brush. This set would be a good starting point.
  • Water basin – you will need to clean your brushes between colors and a couple of plastic cups work great. I actually use a plastic desk pencil holder from Staples with three sections so I always have one section of clean water.
  • Small spray bottle for water – this helps to wet the paint. The travel size is best.
  • Paper towels or a washcloth – I prefer to use dark colored washcloths so I can reuse them.
  • Baby wipes – to help erase an oops now and then and to keep your hands clean. Also come in handy to clean up an ice cream covered face before painting!
  • Q-tips – for applying lipstick. I use the face paint dipped in a little glitter for lipstick. That way I have many color options.

Face painting is such a fun and rewarding way to make a birthday party special and the right tools can make all the difference! Stay tuned for the next post in this series. Subscribe to the blog by email (see the sidebar) or Bloglovin’ to keep updated. Other topics in the series will include: the basics of using the paint properly; the most popular faces; working with a theme. If you have questions or a topic that you would like me to cover, don’t hesitate to tell me in the comments below!

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