Free 30 minute coaching session

I'm Consie Sindet, a Creativity Coach and teacher whose mission it is to help you use the creativity that lives inside all of us to find freedom, playfulness and joy in your life.

As a coach and teacher, I will show you how to use the creativity that lives inside all of us so you can find your own silver lining, believe in it and stay present with it. I will help you find freedom, playfulness and joy by slapping down some paint, gluing magazine pages all over a piece of paper, adding some doodling and marks, finding a quote that screams…This is how I feel today!…and calling it good enough. And through that process, find out who you are again.

What my clients are saying:
“My mind gets so many ideas going, I freak out! Working with Consie has helped me to slow the spinning, helped me to stay focused and breathe. It is so rewarding because she makes everyone feel like a real artist, and when I’m working with her the process is so fulfilling. I accomplish something beautiful, I let go of the spinning, and feel focused and calm. Working with her personally, she a voice I know I can talk to and hear what I need at any moment. She’s amazing.” -Tracy C.

So here’s what I want you to know:

  • That yes, you are creative.
  • That we all struggle, but persistence and baby steps work.
  • That I have faith in you that you will find that next step.
  • That trying something ..anything! …is better than sitting still.
  • That it is all a choice.

Let’s spend 30 minutes together and get you started exploring your creativity. Let’s learn to celebrate moments of joy and positivity in your day and capture them through art. I believe it can change our lives. It might not be easy, but it is definitely possible!

Please fill in the form below. Let me know what time zone you are in and a few options for your perfect time to chat. I will email you a confirmation and a Zoom link. I look forward to getting to know you!