From a quick sketch to a lovely honor

From a quick sketch to a lovely honor

From a quick sketch to a lovely honor 550 448 Atop Serenity Hill

I don’t know if this happens to other people but there are times when I get an idea and the only way it will stop bouncing around in my brain is to paint it! Sometimes this involves finding a person to paint on and sometimes it is just about doing a quick painting in my sketchbook. This is about one of those times and how a quick painting took on a life of its own.
redshoesketchbutterflyI belong to a women’s business group called BW Nice that I’ve mentioned here in the past. This year is the second time we’ve held The Red Shoe fundraiser for SAFE in Hunterdon, a local women’s shelter organization. I signed up to be on the decor committee, which decides on decorating themes and make the centerpieces, as I find it to be the most fun. This year during our first meeting, I was having one of those blank moments. You know the ones…nothing comes to mind, you have no ideas to contribute, you feel like “Why am I even here?”! On the way home, however, I got an idea…which started bouncing around in my head…which led to this…
redshoebutterflywatercolorsketchWe use real red shoes as our centerpieces and change what is in them each year. One of the ladies had talked about a garden theme and I think that is what stuck with me. I also happen to love butterflies (see here and here). redshoesketchAfter emailing the sketch to our committee head, I heard back that not only were we going to use the design for the centerpieces but that the board members wanted to use the actual sketch on the front of the programs as well as on the signs at the event.
theredshoesignageThis was a huge honor for me since I just thought of it as a “quick painting in my sketchbook”! The reality of seeing it as a big sign was a little overwhelming but I was very happy to be able to add a one-of-a-kind element to the occasion since the purpose of the fundraiser is one I support wholeheartedly.
redshoetablesetting1redshoeprogram1The programs added a lovely touch to the tables and showed the guests where the idea for the centerpieces came from.
theredshoecenterpiecesidetheredshoecenterpiecefrontOur centerpieces were a combination of live vinca in the toe and silk ivy in the back. We added some gold curly ting ting for height and glued on tiny butterflies punched out of colored vellum. Wire ribbon bows were added to some, while other centerpieces had different size butterflies wired in. They really came out great!

The event was another success and I am looking forward to seeing what we come up with for next year!

So, what ideas do you have bouncing around inside your head and what is your favorite way of dealing with them? Leave me a comment below!

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