Halloween face painting • fairies and princesses

Halloween face painting • fairies and princesses

Halloween face painting • fairies and princesses 550 763 Atop Serenity Hill

I shared this tutorial over at U-Create a couple of months ago but thought it might be a good idea to share it here with you all…just in time for Halloween!
fairyprincessfacepaintingBeing a princess or a fairy is one of the most requested faces, next to butterflies, that we get at our fairs. And really, who doesn’t want to be a princess for a day! This is a great design for Halloween that can be added to a simple costume of fairy wings and a tutu to make any little girl feel special.
jewelsforfacepaintingI used the following supplies:

  • Face paint in your choice of colors (here are some great choices…affiliate link)
  • 2 soft sponges (for basecoat)
  • Round brush and liner brush (for the details)
  • Cosmetic glitter (do not use craft glitter as it sometimes contains metal)
  • Stick-on jewels (pictured above…can be found at your local craft store)
  • Small container of water
  • Your camera!

fairyprincessfacepaintCollageStep one: apply a gold color over the eyes and up onto the forehead using a sponge.

Step two: with a clean sponge add in the light blue under the eyes and create a V-shape on the forehead.

Face paint is water activated and a little can go a long way. You can always add more paint and/or water, but you don’t want the paint to be dripping down the face.
princessfacepaintCollageStep three: add the stick-on jewels. I placed a large flower as the focal point on the forehead and three clear rhinestones on each side of the eyes.

Step four: using a round brush and white face paint, add in a set of teardrops around the flower jewel and two long teardrops along the top of the blue V-shape. Finish this section with a series of white dots down the nose using the tip of the brush.

Tip: activate the paint with a little water so it flows but is not runny.
princessfacepainthighlightsStep five: continue to add teardrops, dots and swirls around the eyes to fill in your design.
fairyprincessfacpaintswirlsStep six: using either the round brush or a liner brush, add a dark blue outline on one side of all your white teardrops, dots and swirls.
princessfacepaintingwithjewelsThe grand finale and the one that gets all the ohhhs and ahhhs!! GLITTER! I used a gold glitter on the eyelids and a white transparent glitter on the rest of the design.
fairyprincessfacepaintingOne of the best parts of this Halloween face paint design is that by changing the colors, you can customize the fairy or princess so it is the favorite of your kids. The color scheme above works great for Cinderella or even Ariel (just add a shell jewel instead). Add red jewels to this design and you have Snow White. Use more greens and you have Tinkerbell or Tiana. When we get a request to be a specific princess or fairy, we just ask our model, “What is that princess’s favorite color?” Then we customize the design around that answer. They always love the results, especially the glitter!

Being a princess is many a little girl’s dream! This is a fun way to make their dream come true even if it is just for Halloween! Give it a try and remember, if it is in their favorite color and glitters, they will love it!

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