Halloween face painting • a simple pirate

Halloween face painting • a simple pirate

Halloween face painting • a simple pirate 550 822 Atop Serenity Hill

This face paint tutorial was done for a Disney theme week over at A Peek Into My Paradise. Pirates are huge with Disney because, really, who doesn’t love Captain Jack Sparrow! (Well, Johnny Depp, in general…but that’s another story!)
piratefacepaintingI’ve had the unique opportunity of taking classes with past Disney face painters and their style has definitely influenced how I paint today. One of the best compliments I can get is that a face I painted looks just like it does at Disney!!

Supplies you will need for the pirate face paint:

redfacepaintbandanapirateStep one is to paint on the pirate bandana with a sponge and red face paint.

Tip: face paint is water activated and a little can go a long way. You can always add more paint and/or water, but you don’t want the paint to be dripping down the face.
Step two, add the eye patch with a sponge and black. Using a round brush, draw the detail lines for the bandana, outline the eye patch, and add the string for the patch at the base of the bandana.

Tip: activate the paint with a little water so it flows but is not runny.
piratefacepaintscarCollageStep three: to create a scar on the face, first draw on a red cut with the round brush. Add black stitches and then highlight them with white. Don’t forget to add some blood dripping down from the scar!
piratefacepaintskeletonCollageStep four: with white in a round brush, add the shape of a skull and bones. Use black to add all the details to the skull and crossbones.
piratefacepaintingLast step: add some white highlights to the bandana and give your model a mustache!! You can even add in a goatee!! If you are painting on a female, skip the mustache and add some sparkly lipstick instead (although some of the girls think it is funny to have a mustache!!).

Now go forth and plunder, mateys!! I hope this tutorial will help you bring smiles to the faces of your kids this Halloween! And for those of you that have been to Disney, that it brings back some of the magic of your trip!

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