Halloween face painting • stenciled animal prints

Halloween face painting • stenciled animal prints

Halloween face painting • stenciled animal prints 550 550 Atop Serenity Hill

Today I wanted to show you some easy face painting designs using stencils that I previously blogged about over at Sincerely, Paula. These designs are great for older kids or adults that want to keep their Halloween costume simple.
animalprintstencilfacepaintCollageI get asked all the time about my face painting kit. The absolute most important thing about face painting is the paint itself. You want to make sure that you are using a quality paint designed specifically for skin. You can find my recommendations for paint in my Amazon store here. (PS…this is an affiliate link.)
plaidstencilCollageFor these glamorous eye designs, I found this great Plaid stencil at Walmart. It contained three different sheets of designs but my favorite was the animal print! I cut the four designs apart so that they were easier to work with. You can add these animal prints to the face or even arms and legs if your costume allows those areas to show.

The supplies I used were:

  • Face paint in colors of your choice
  • A soft sponge (for the base colors)
  • Round brush (You will use this brush to add details such as outlines, highlights and dots)
  • Animal print stencil
  • A small container of water
  • Your camera!

alligatorgiraffestencilfacepaintCollageStep one is to add a color background using a sponge, letting it dry after application. Face paint is water activated and a little can go a long way. You can always add more but you don’t want the paint to be dripping down the face.

For the second step (see picture above), I added a light green base and then stenciled on a darker green to create the alligator scales. I then added the black outlines and white highlights with the round brush as a third step.

For the giraffe print, I sponged a base of yellow, added brown with the stencil, and then outlined the spots with the brush and dark brown. These designs would be fun running up your arms and legs or even over your chest with a lower cut shirt for a fun neckline!
zebrastencilfacepaintCollageTo create the zebra design, I first added a base of white with the sponge, letting the paint dry. I then lay down the zebra print stencil and used a sponge to add black. The final step was to add dots using the tip of the round brush.
cheetahstencilfacepaintCollageFor the cheetah eye design, I started with yellow on the eyelids and orange on the forehead and cheeks. You could also use gold and bronze paint for that extra bling! I added black with the stencil, and then created white highlights as well as white and black dots with my brush.

These designs are quick and easy to do and your tweens and teens (or even you!) will love them! Adding glitter to the designs will just increase the sparkle factor! The painting itself can be your costume by wearing all black and letting the animal prints speak for themselves!!

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