Handpainted vine as window valance alternative

Handpainted vine as window valance alternative

Handpainted vine as window valance alternative 550 523 Consie Sindet

A couple of weeks ago, I handpainted a floral vine for a client as an alternative to having valances made for her breakfast nook. She did not want the view and light from the windows to be obscured or to create a heavy feel in the room with the addition of fabric.
handpaintedvinewindowvalanceAdding a custom painted vine draping over her windows gave the room a unique feel and added a light, pretty addition to the walls.
paintedvineI started by painting a soft branchy, vine with FolkArt Olive Green and Italian Sage. The great part about handpainting borders is that I can fit them into any space. That is not so easy with wallpaper border.
handpaintedvineleavesI then added medium and large size leaves using the same color combination.
handpaintedvineTo fill out the vine, I painted in small white flowers with trailing petals and tiny filler leaves. To tie in the brown of the wood furniture in the eating area, I added touches of Maple Syrup to each of the larger leaves and on the vine. It brought a warmth to the design that I just loved.
closeupwhiteflowerborderIf you love borders but find that the space you want to add the border to is a weird shape or is broken up by doors or windows, having a custom handpainted design created for the space is a great alternative.
handpaintedvinewindowvalanceIf you have painting experience, this design is fairly simple to accomplish. I always told my painting students to just go for it!! After all, it is just paint…if you don’t like it, paint over it!!

Have you ever painted a border yourself? Have you had a border painted for you? I would love to hear your comments!

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