Lego birthday cake

Lego birthday cake

Lego birthday cake 550 423 Consie Sindet

My friend, Christie, always comes up with such fun ideas for cakes for her boys’ birthday parties. Last year we made an Angry Birds cake (her son was obsessed!) that was so much fun to do. This year’s Lego cake came out just as adorable!
Create a fun, creative Lego cake for your next party! • #dessert #birthdayparty #legoSo we didn’t have to hand build too much, Christie ordered a mold online for both the bricks and the Lego figures making that part very easy!
makinglegobricksfrommoldWe started by coloring white Wilton fondant in the primary colors that are part of the Lego brand and then pushed it into the molds. Using a trick I learned while making my cupcake toppers, we stuck the molds in the freezer for a short while (at most about 30 minutes) so that they would pop out easier and would be easier to handle and decorate. Tip: If you have the time, I would make the Lego bricks and figures the day before so they have more time to set up. Use the refrigerator for overnight as the pieces might get too hard in the freezer.
openingfondantLegocakeCollageTo form the “exploding” top to the cake, we covered just the top first with fondant. We then added a second piece of fondant that covered the entire cake. Rolling out that big of a piece of fondant took both of us! Christie’s dream is to have a machine that flattens fondant in one swipe…you know, like on Cake Boss! Ahh, dreams… Ok, moving on… Using a sharp knife and light pressure, Christie cut through the top section and folded back the pieces. PS…the cake and icing were both done from scratch by Christie. She is a great baker! Me? Not so much. I decorate.
addingbrickscharactersLegocakeCollageChristie had found some spray on colors designed for icing at Michael’s craft store. She used those to mist on some graffiti paint splotches in the opening at the top of the cake. She then placed on the bricks using a little buttercream icing as the glue. The figures were popped out of the molds and we used edible markers to add details. They were attached using a toothpick so they would stand securely.
makingfondantspiralsWe also made some festive spirals out of the colored fondant. We rolled it pretty thin, wrapped it around a straw and stuck them in the freezer for about 15-20 minutes to harden up.
Create a fun, creative Lego cake for your next party! • #dessert #birthdayparty #legoThe spirals added the feeling that the cake had “exploded” open to reveal all the Lego pieces inside! The central Lego figure was Mr Gold! He is very hard to find as there are only 5000 of him in the world! The birthday boy is on the hunt for one, so Christie thought it would be fun to add him to the cake.
Create a fun, creative Lego cake for your next party! • #dessert #birthdayparty #legoThe final pieces to the cake were to add Asa’s name (made of fondant) and to edge the bottom of the cake with buttercream to hide the cut edges of the white fondant layer. The cake was a hit as usual!
legogiftbagChristie was able to use the molds a second time as part of the goody bag for the boys. She made them all Lego soaps! So cute!
legonapkinutensilholderShe also made the utensil and napkin holders out of her son’s Legos to help tie the whole theme together. Of course, the main purpose of the birthday party (according to the birthday boy) was to get wet! The sponge water bombs I made sure helped with that!

I can’t wait to see what the next cake idea is that Christie comes up with! We have a blast decorating them together!


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