How would your life change if you believed in starting
with the joy, delight and wonder instead of
the fear, expectations, and unknowns?

Would you be able to allow space for surprises, awareness
and insight into your deeper self?

Would you trust your creativity and
leave room for your own interpretations?

Are you drawn to creativity and know you crave more of it in your life?

Are you a person who believes that they are not creative?

Do you ever tell yourself that you could never be as good as her, him, them, so why even try?

Do you believe it takes big stretches of time to even indulge in creativity?

Are you hungry for more play and delight, for a connection to yourself and that inner child who just went for it with glee?

Even though you aren’t sure how to start and don’t think you can draw a straight line, do you keep finding yourself scrolling Instagram looking at everyone else’s art, drawn to art journaling and curious about how it works, but not allowing that curiosity space to play?

This is where I tell you..
…that you don’t need extra hours in your week → 5 minutes will always count and adds up over time!
…that you don’t need an MFA from art school → curiosity and experimentation can be your teachers!
…that you don’t need tons of experience or supplies to tap into your creativity, start making art, and benefit from everything art journaling and making has to offer → limited supplies and a beginner’s mind are enough!

Imagine if there was a community space where you were encouraged to...

Introducing The Creative Playground!

The Creative Playground is an eclectic, fun and playful monthly membership designed to get you out of
your creative rut, let go of perfectionism and move away from the fear of the blank page.

Hosted by me, Consie Sindet, an expressive mixed media artist and creativity coach, we gather
every month as a global community to get inspired and tap into the joy of just playing with art supplies!

Together, we’ll meet in the messy middle and give ourselves permission to find freedom, experiment, and have fun with our art!

I like Consie’s style of teaching. She shows how to make something recognizable in a way that is easy for me to accomplish. I always feel I can accomplish the goal – I’m learning, but it’s not too hard for me to do. Also, it feels as if Consie cares about my success personally. It’s like hanging out with a good friend who is also a great teacher.
~Carole Carlson

Here's your invitation to...

Allow yourself to be here now. Let go and flow into your journal with laughter and spontaneity.

Practice, practice, practice! It is the only way to build up those creative muscles and make it across with ease and delight.

Climb on and let’s creative magic together! You can find support with prompts, live sessions, Art-n-Chats and a wonderful variety of recorded lessons.

Need a rest? A chat? An opinion? Some advice? Company? I invite you to sit and take a breather. Then, if you need to, reach out and ask away!

Let go of perfection! Doodle into the sand using your fingers…don’t like it? Brush your hand over the sand and start again! Love it? Keep going!

Take a seat, wiggle around a bit, get comfy. Close your eyes, imagine the wind on your face as you push off. Feel the freedom of soaring and delight. Take that feeling to the page!

Are you spinning in circles and feeling dizzy with all you don’t think you know how to do? Relax into the circles, breath and let the merry-go-round slow down. Invite in the wonder of the world around you.

Even if you don’t have much time, aren’t sure where to start, or are better at buying art supplies than actually using them…

The Creative Playground is a choose-your-own-adventure style monthly membership to help support your creative practice. There is always something to dive into…

When your creative process feels stuck or even non-existent…no ideas, same old supplies, nothing feels right!

When you are looking for a way to bring play, delight and freedom to your own art practice.

When you are tired of being excited to start a project only to have that excitement fizzle out before you really get started.

And, an added bonus!
There is no social media group for you to keep up with. This is a sacred space for you and your creativity that you can dive into when it serves you.

I joined the Creative Playground because there is no judgement. Experienced to beginners can gain information in a safe and friendly place. There is no pressure to share, and there are no “ silly” questions. Consie is very down to earth and shares her failures (hmm, attempts gone astray) along with all of the materials needed. I like how she always says, “Use what you have.” The community is informal, with no pressure and the group never makes you feel uncomfortable or untalented.
~Mary Ellen

Here's What You get!

My signature class: build your own Junk Journal

This class will help you move past perfection into play and is your entry into Art Journaling 101! You get instant access to the lessons on how to build your own junk journal as well as recorded sessions of me working in my own junk journal. This class invites you to release the preciousness of the surface and allows you to stop freezing at the thought of a blank page!

Art journal and other creative tutorials

These pre-recorded tutorials range from real-time art journaling sessions to creative practice tips and tricks to stamp carving and monoprinting.

Replays of the free Creative Playdates

I’ve been hosting the Playdates since 2020! Each of the 37 lessons currently in the Playground classroom is packed with so much inspiration and fun ideas! You will never run out of options to dive into your creative practice!

Quarterly live workshops

Four times a year I invite in a guest teacher to share their fabulous work with all of us. These happen virtually on Zoom and are always recorded.

1-1 Creativity Coaching and Accountability
Asking for help is hard AND one of the best things we can do to show ourselves self-compassion. Why try it alone when you can allow me to be a mentor, guide and coach on your journey?
Help is here in 2 different ways:
  1. An accountability google form that invites you to reach out to me, ask a question and/or tell me how I can support you. Support happens via email.
  2. 1-1 30 minute coaching calls on Zoom. This is at a discounted additional fee.

These are a great way to get started as I’ve created built-in collage fodder, quotes to help you tap into what you really want to say, and pretty accents to your art journal pages. There are over 20 printables currently in the classroom that you have instant access to with more added all the time!

Monthly live lessons

The Sandbox Sessions are LIVE virtual lessons that happen monthly-ish. I invite you to find a little time for your creative practice and allow me to inspire you by working on something artsy together! These are recorded for future reference. There are six-eight sessions per year in between the Free Creative Playdates that are open to my entire email list.

Monthly group hangout

The Art ‘n Chat is a monthly virtual group hangout. I’ll share what I’m working on and any insights I’ve had about my own creative journey. You can share what you are currently playing with as well as tap into what others in this community are doing throughout the world! This is also your chance to ask me questions, tap me for ideas, or help with a project you are stuck with. Even though we’re in a group session, it’s like a mini 1:1 coaching session with me! These are LIVE only and are not recorded.

Silent Community Co-working Studio
The Silent Studio is a space for you to come and work on a project but without any distractions or chatting. We’ll share what we want to accomplish during the time, put ourselves on mute, create, and then meet back at the end to share if you wish. These are LIVE only and are not recorded.
Weekly Inspiration and Updates
I send out an email every Wednesday with all of the updates so you don’t miss anything! I always include an Inspiration Invitation from the archives of the membership…something to dive into for that week if you so choose!

And, as an added BONUS! 3 of my most popular classes!

My favorite thing about The Creative Playground is the different projects and the ease of making them your own. The projects are fun to do. Consie has made a creative space where you always feel welcomed and comfortable no matter what skill level you are at. Her voice is very calming and she is always encouraging.
~Robin S

I’m Consie – your teacher, coach, and guide around the Playground! I’ve had over 15+ years of teaching creativity in many forms. Before online classes were even a thing, I taught in-person art classes to hundreds of women. Together we played, laughed, bitched and commiserated. They pushed me to continually learn and I encouraged them to continually try.

I’m not here to teach you how to paint, I’m here to teach you how to pick up your paintbrush and get your creative practice rooted in your life so that the freedom of expressing yourself can show up. Together, we’ll meet in the messy middle and give ourselves permission to play, experiment, and have fun with our art!

I’m so excited to meet you on the Playground!


I’m here to tell you that 5 minutes of creativity counts! You don’t need loads of free time to make a difference. I am a huge fan of 15 minute art journal pages and I’ll show you how to tap into the time you do have available.

The live classes happen on the weekends so as to accommodate as many people as possible. I try to schedule them around 2pm EST but please know that life happens! I list the dates in advance so you can plan accordingly. The Art-n-Chats are NOT recorded. The Sandbox Sessions and Quarterly Workshop are ALWAYS recorded, and all the replays are uploaded to the classroom for you to watch in your own timeframe.

This membership is designed to encourage both beginners as well as those that have been art journaling for years. My art journaling style is centered around play and curiosity and trying things on for size. I encourage you to stick your fingers in the paint bottles, rip up paper, use what you have on hand, make a mess, laugh and delight in whatever shows up! Also, I’m here to help you. You just need to ask! No question is ever the wrong one and just yelling “help me” is a great place to start.

Beginners are welcome and encouraged in the Playground! Everyone has to start somewhere, and I’ll help you do that by pointing you to specific lessons that are easy and fun. I also invite beginners to join me during the live classes so you can ask questions, have me repeat processes as much as you need, and see what others in the community are up to. And remember, all of the lessons in the Creative Playground are recorded so you can watch them again and again!

LOL! Maybe! However, you don’t need to start with a studio full of supplies to enjoy the benefits of art journaling and a creative practice. A small journal, a set of watercolor paints, a glue stick, some collage papers and a Sharpie pen will get you started!

As I cannot predict the future (bummer, I know!), I can only tell you that whatever price you join at will be yours as long as you stay a member of The Creative Playground.

No, there is no social media group for you to keep up with. This is a sacred space for you and your creativity that you can dive into when it serves you.

At this time, the following 3 classes are included:

  • Create your own: Mixed Media Inspiration Cards
  • Learn to Draw: Meditative Mandalas
  • Create Your Own: Mixed Media Bookmark

As well as an exclusive class only for members where I teach you to build a simple, non-precious, fun holder for all of your delightful experiments called The Junk Journal!

I love the idea of having a place to go where I can be inspired, guided, challenged and encouraged to create. The Creative Playground is full of possibilities! I love that there are no limits, no boundaries, no judgement and all ideas to express your art are welcome in a safe, honored space. Consie provides a container of sacredness where we are all equal artists on a journey of creative exploration together. She is our guide, our leader, the one who speaks to the trees/paint brushes and helps us find our way. The Creative Playground is a site of wonder where artists and creatives gather under the watchful eye and talents of Consie. Within the Playground you can explore a variety of art styles, mixed media expression, journaling ideas, and ways to tap into your inner child and play with color. I have attended fancy art classes and this is a no brainer. You have all the classes up loaded or can attend in person. Consie is amazing and a delightful facilitator/artist! You can work at your own pace, in your own home, and there is no pressure to finish or compete with others. It is the best money spent on the internet of art offers.
~Kelly Kemmerly

If you’re ready to dip your toes in as a beginner in this art journaling adventure or
dive deeper into your own creative practice with a fabulous, non-judgmental, caring community,
I invite you to join me in The Creative Playground!

The Creative Playground is a really good value for the money. There are lots of interesting, inspiring, and different ideas for art journaling. If you are someone whose primary art interest is in art journaling, and you want to be part of a non-threatening, non-competitive community to gain camaraderie and inspiration, this would be a great idea!
~Julie K