Minecraft birthday cake

Minecraft birthday cake

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Let me start by saying that I am still not 100% sure what this Minecraft craze is all about! However, for the little boy that turned 5 last month, it is an obsession he has learned from his older brother. So, a Minecraft cake it was. PS…the birthday boy changed his mind the night before my friend, Christie and I decorated the cake, so a super simple design was a requirement as we had no time to prepare after the change in direction!! Gotta love kids…
Minecraft Birthday Cake • AtopSerenityHill.comChristie, being the fabulous baker she is, made a caramel cake with a dulce de leche buttercream icing she found online. Yum!! Her original buttercream icing recipe is here if you would like to use that instead.
making a Minecraft birthday cake • AtopSerenityHill.comFor the grid decoration, we used Wilton icing gels to dye white fondant in a variety of greens and browns. After rolling out the fondant, we used a pizza cutter to make a TON of squares. If you try this design, make way more squares than you think you need!! We didn’t have enough but fudged it on the sides by making the squares look like they were falling apart.

We also made a couple of the Minecraft characters out of fondant, using an appetizer skewer to adhere them to the cake. The final addition was a fondant banner that we wrote on with edible markers.
Minecraft cake with fondant characters • AtopSerenityHill.comThe cake was a smashing hit with the birthday boy and all his guests! That is all that matters in the end! Be sure to check out some more of the cakes Christie and I have made together: Lego Birthday Cake and the Angry Birds cake.

The picture above is one I put on Instagram the weekend of the party. If you would like to see some of the behind the scenes of my life, I would love for you to follow me!! And be sure to check back in later this week to see the Minecraft greeting card and gift bag I made for the party.

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