More birthday cakes

More birthday cakes

More birthday cakes 550 694 Consie Sindet

I thought I would share some more cakes that I have done since I posted about the Power Ranger cake earlier this week. The cakes below were a collaboration between myself and my friend, Christie. She is an amazing baker and cake decorator, but alas she only does it as a hobby. She works in the corporate world and does the decorating in her spare time (hahaha!) That spare time is usually after 9pm!!!
pizzacakeThis cake was made for my husband and my friend, Kristine together since we were having a joint celebration. We made the decorations of things they jointly loved…cheese pizza and Wii bowling…then added 2 figures that looked like them that I molded from fondant, and finally, an individual love for each.
frenchfriescakeFor Kristine it was french fries. They are made from toasted pound cake.
bikingcakeFor Lee it was biking. The bike is made of white chocolate.
angrybirdscakeThis cake was for Christie’s son who was having a love affair with the Angry Birds game at the time! It was so much fun to work on and was a combination of ideas we found online. The birds and pigs were sculpted from colored fondant and my husband, Lee even helped out by cutting out the pattern for Asa’s name. I love making cakes like this. Anyone have a fun birthday cake you would like to share? Post a link in the comments below!


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