Office/craft space redo inspirations

Office/craft space redo inspirations

Office/craft space redo inspirations 550 486 Consie Sindet

I am in the planning stages of redoing my office and craft spaces and I thought I might share with you some of the inspirations that I have found. I don’t have a room for either space so will be using tables and cabinets to makeover the areas. Please visit the individual links and/or pictures for each inspiration below to pin the original pictures.
funkyjunktableThis table from Funky Junk Interiors was actually one of my first inspirations. I love the rustic feel and how long it is. When I am working on a project, it is so helpful to have the space to spread out, especially if I end up working on more than one project at a time.pegboard-organizational-wallPegboards in a creative space are invaluable for items that need to be within reach often but pegboard itself is not exactly pretty to me. These framed pegboards from Tatertots and Jello caught my eye because they look like artwork. The frames take away from the utilitarian feel of pegboard and make it pretty!!
Junkin-at-Rustys-0655This piece literally made me gasp when I saw it on Funky Junk Interiors! What a perfect piece for craft supplies!! Unfortunately for me and Donna, the piece was sold already..for $90!!!! Unbelievable price! But it gives me hope that such pieces exist and maybe I will find something similar for my space (yes, I am dreaming, but just let me have my dream!).
how-to-chalkboard-any-surface-in-any-color-diy-600x392These chalkboards doors from Lolly Jane are just beautiful. What I love about them is that they are actually done with regular paint and then a chalkboard coating is added! This leaves the choice of colors for the side of my desk/cabinet wide open. The cabinet will be in my living room, so I can now use the chalkboard as a burst of color for the room.
chair-CollageWe have a local junk dealer where I am hoping to find a fabulous chair for my desk. I love how Cynthia at Simply Chic Treasures redid these chairs. They have given me some cool ideas to work with! The burlap seat is fun but I will have to see if it will work with my living room.
chickenwirebasketA waste basket will be a must for both spaces, and even though I already have them, this one just might make me buy some chicken wire! You can visit Calli at Make It Do to see how she made this unique piece.
garden-office-shedOf course, this space would be the ultimate! To have a little house to call a studio….aahhh…that is the best dream of all! I hope some of these ideas inspire you if you are redoing your craft or office space. Feel free to check out my Pinterest boards for more inspirations and let me know below what you are currently working on! What would be your ultimate work space? What is your must have craft or office accessory?



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