One little word for 2014

One little word for 2014

One little word for 2014 650 433 Atop Serenity Hill

Many of you have already blogged about your one little word for 2014 and I have enjoyed hearing why you choose it. My word choose me last year sometime in August. It is FAITH. The faith to know I am on the right path; that the journey might be hard but worth it; that I don’t always need a plan. January has already tested that but I guess that is the idea of having faith!
One little word • FAITH • canvas print with vinyl letters • Being that I am such a visual person, I knew that having a pretty, physical reminder that I could see everyday was going to be important. When nothing came to mind immediately, I was so grateful when Printcopia offered me a chance to check out their canvas prints! It was the perfect solution.
Purple cone flower • #photography #summer #flowersI decided that I wanted to use one of the Instagram photos that were a part of my “Today I am grateful for” series from last year. I had never printed it even though I so loved how it came out. One of my favorite things about Printcopia is that you can print straight from your Instagram account! It was the easiest transaction ever and took just a couple minutes!
Canvas print from Printcopia of Instagram photo • AtopSerenityHill.comMy print arrived exactly when the email said it would ship and was a great representation of my Instagram photo. The only thing left to do was to add my one little word: FAITH.
One little word • FAITH • #canvasprint #vinylletteringWith my new Silhouette Portrait and some white adhesive vinyl, my pretty reminder was done.

I am sure that this year will be a chance to work on my faith in the unknown. Not an easy thing for me! I love previews and reading the end of a book first. Hey, we all have our issues!

My yoga teacher told us a story the other night that went something like this: “A Native American elder was telling his grandson about the inner struggle in all of us between good and evil. Inside everyone there are two wolves. One of the wolves is evil; the other is good. They are constantly at war. When his grandson asked him which wolf would win, he replied…the one you feed the most.”

I choose to feed the good one. I choose this year to feed FAITH. What will you choose to feed?

Disclosure: I was given a canvas print to review from Printcopia. However, all opinions and thoughts are my own!

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