Paper leaves & burlap autumn wreath

Paper leaves & burlap autumn wreath

Paper leaves & burlap autumn wreath 150 150 Atop Serenity Hill

Next week is Thanksgiving! Where did November go??? If you still need a quick, last minute decoration for your door, I have one for you today!
paper_leaves_and_burlap_autumn_wreathThis is the final re-invention of my original wreath that I did for St Patrick’s Day. I managed throughout this year to use the same base for Easter, 4th of July and Back to School.
burlap_wreathThe instructions for making the base wreath can be found here. It is really just strips of burlap tied onto a grapevine wreath! Super simple!
paint_chips_fall_leavesOnce your base is made (or in my case, all the old decorations have been ripped off!), gather up some paint chips in fall colors. I found these at Walmart and the surface was big enough to get a few different size leaves out of it. I printed out a sheet of leaf clipart to use as a guide for cutting out all the shapes.
leaf_paper_punch_paint_chipsI also used my leaf punch to make a bunch of small leaves. This is the same punch I used to make my Falling Leaves Greeting Card. I had mini leaves left over from that project as well, so I ended up with a great color selection for my wreath.
burlap_paint_chips_fall_leavesSince this was the last time I was going to use this base, I went a little crazy hot gluing the leaves on! I wanted the wreath to have the feeling that the leaves blow over it and caught on all the different parts, just like it would naturally if it were outside.
paper_leaves_burlap_wreathI love how all the colors came together! I also love that the cost of the project was FREE! Paint chips are one of my favorite sources of colored paper and I will be working on more projects using them soon!
paper_leaves_and_burlap_autumn_wreathGive this project a try if you need an easy, last minute decoration and let me know how it goes!

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