A Peek Inside: my art journal planner

A Peek Inside: my art journal planner

A Peek Inside: my art journal planner 150 150 Consie Sindet

Working in my art journal planner is still one of the highlights of my week! I’m following the Documented Life Project for the inspiration and for the weekly challenges that are adding some fun pages to the journal. Check out what I’ve been up to:

Documented Life Project weekly challenge art journal • AtopSerenityHill.com #artjournaling #doodling #documentedlifeChallenge on left: Add an inspiring quote to guide your week. This page included acrylics, stamps, tracing paper flowers, washi tape, paint chips and lots of markers! It was a true mixed media experiment.

Challenge on right: Document a Random Act of Kindness from you. You can read all about how and why I do these bookmarks here! The letters above are cut from newsprint to give the feeling of a book and the pocket for the bookmarks was made from a lovely notecard that was given to me.

Documented Life Project weekly challenge art journal • AtopSerenityHill.com #artjournaling #doodling #documentedlifeChallenge on left: Use a Rubber Stamp in a new way. After adding in some background color, I chose to use a phrase stamp to form the top half of a brick wall. The rest of the wall is done with a Micron pen and a little black watercolor for shadow. The house was traced from a cookie cutter and the roses were cut out of my sketchbook.

Challenge on right: Add embroidery or embroidery floss to your page. I do not embroider but I’m an expert gluer! I watercolored the background of the page and then used Aleenes tacky glue to add the embroidery thread. A bit more color with some Inktense pencils,  and some white and black paint markers completed the challenge!

Documented Life Project weekly challenge art journal • AtopSerenityHill.com #artjournaling #doodling #documentedlifeChallenge on left: Draw, paint or sketch a house. My husband and I would love to move…where and when is up in the air…hence the name on the street sign! The entire design is done with Inktense pencils, a waterbrush and some Sharpies.

Challenge on right: Practice gratitude – write what you are grateful for each day this week. I started with a piece of grid cardstock and added round labels for each day of the week. The scalloped edge is made from origami paper and I hot glued on bakers twine to tie my gratitude balloons together.

Documented Life Project weekly challenge art journal • AtopSerenityHill.com #artjournaling #doodling #documentedlifeChallenge on left: Use book text. I fudged this one a bit because I wanted to use this great postcard I was sent. I used washi tape to add it to my page. In the picture below you can see what is under the postcard!

Challenge on right: Cover your page in Hearts. And that is what I did! There are hearts made from paper, out of stickers, stamped on with a homemade cork stamp. But my favorite hearts are the top 2 bigger ones. They are made from baby wipes that I use to clean up excess paint! Once they are dry, they have a great texture and glued easily to the page. Lots of acrylic paint and paint markers made this page one of my favorites!

Documented Life Project weekly challenge art journal • AtopSerenityHill.com #artjournaling #doodling #documentedlifeTo keep with the general idea of adding book text in the above challenge, I cut out the “directions” from the front of a Smashbook I found on clearance. I then traced my hand and added some henna doodling with a Sharpie. The color background is done with watercolor. It is a super fast way to add some color to your page before starting any of the challenges.

I hope you enjoyed this peek at my art journal! If you haven’t already, I encourage you to check out the Documented Life Project and the great artists over at Art to the 5th.

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  • Jackie PN July 11, 2014 at 7:21 am

    Great journal pages Consi! Thanks so much for sharing your personal stuff and inspiration!

  • prachee July 11, 2014 at 1:00 pm

    wowww……inspiring 🙂

  • JaneEllen July 12, 2014 at 4:47 pm

    Enjoyed seeing them all but my favorite was the book markers put into books being returned to library. Just might have to do that myself. I found things I loved in every project you made. Love paper crafting. You are so talented Consie. I’ve been in a creative funk lately. It happens now and then but it leaves me wondering what to do with myself. Do you have times like that?
    I recently checked out bunch of Shabby chic decorating books and Romantic Prairie style. I learned about them from a blog so wrote down all titles so I could get them. Have been scouring them for ideas and just to stimulate myself. Good luck on your “new” home search. Happy summer days

    • Consie Sindet July 19, 2014 at 2:29 pm

      I think we all have times of being in a creative funk! I tend to just play and try to not judge what is coming out in the art. No one has to see it!

  • Danielle July 13, 2014 at 3:09 am

    very nice pages!

  • Clare July 13, 2014 at 9:53 am

    fab planners. I am doing DLP, it is a really great project.

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