Power Ranger birthday cake

Power Ranger birthday cake

Power Ranger birthday cake 550 786 Consie Sindet

This past weekend was my nephew’s birthday and he requested a Power Ranger cake. My parents gave him a red mask for Christmas, so I decided to recreate it for him. You can see more cakes that I have done here.
powerrangercakeThe first thing I did was find a picture online that I printed out to use as a template. Once the cake was made (just a boxed cake because I am not a baker!!), I used the picture to cut out the shape of the mask.
cuttingshapefromcakeI then iced the cake and added sprinkles…again pre-made icing. The sprinkles have no significance and did not interfere with the fondant. They were just a fun surprise when we cut the cake!
icedcakeTo make the red mask, I used white Wilton fondant and food coloring. It took quite a bit of red coloring to get the correct color but I just considered it an arm workout for the morning! Kneading fondant is a lot like working with clay and just takes time to get the right coloring. To keep it from getting sticky, I used powered sugar on my hands and on the counter.
kneadingfondantOnce the fondant was the color I wanted, I rolled it out and covered the cake. Icing the cake first helps glue the fondant onto the cake surface, even if you use a thin layer. I smoothed out the fondant and cut off the excess to form the background of the mask.
fondantcoveredcakeFondant makes a great decorating surface and it is also wonderful for sculpting with. For this project, I just needed to add the details in the mask, so no sculpting was involved.
cuttingfondantdecorI rolled out a section of white fondant and then cut out the decorative section of the mask using my paper template as a guide. I brushed on a light coat of water on the back of the white shape to help it adhere to the red mask.
addingediblemarkerInstead of adding another layer with black fondant, I used an edible marker to fill in all of the black areas. If you do any cake decorating with fondant, these markers are the best!! They come in a variety of colors and I have used them many times.
powerrangercakeI did go over the black sections twice just to make sure they were dark enough.
joeybdaycollageThe cake was a hit with Joey, although he did think that it was a real mask and wanted to make sure we took it off so we could eat the cake! He didn’t quite get that he could eat the fondant but figured it out once we cut it up. Happy Birthday, Joey!!!

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