Welcome! The 24 hours for watching the creative playdate replay has expired.

If you would like to continue watching the replays at your leisure, I invite you to check out the Creative Playground below!

The free Creative Playdates are held quarterly. The next date is July 21st, 2024.
The invitations go out to my email list. You can join that HERE.

The Creative Playground, my eclectic, fun and playful monthly membership designed to get you unstuck, out of perfectionism and away from the fear of the blank page, will be adding more live opportunities to create with me.

There will be tutorials to get you started if art journaling and creativity is all new to you. The library of lessons that are currently there will be catalogued for those that want to dive deeper making it easier for you to find videos to help you strengthen your practice.

I’ll be your teacher, coach, and guide around the Playground. Together, we’ll meet in the messy middle and give ourselves permission to play, experiment, and have fun with our art!

Here’s what I want you to know: I’m not here to teach you how to paint, I’m here to teach you how to pick up your paintbrush and get started incorporating a daily-ish creative practice into your life!