Superhero Valentine

Superhero Valentine

Superhero Valentine 150 150 Consie Sindet

Much to my sister’s delight, this year I volunteered to make my nephew’s Valentines for preschool. The Superhero idea we chose is not a new one and there are versions of it all over Pinterest. Since I had to make 26 of them, I didn’t want the project to be too time consuming. Here are the supplies that I used:

  • Yellow cardstock to print out the capes and masks. You can click here and here to get a printable version of both.
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Hole punch
  • Lollipops of your choice

superhero_prepAfter printing out the sheets of capes and masks, I cut them all out. I cut the capes with wavy edges so as to give the illusion that they were moving and then punched a hole at the top. Cutting everything out was by far the most time consuming part. I then gave all the capes to my sister so that Joey could sign his name to the backs. She had him do them in batches so that he wouldn’t get bored. It was great practice for him!superhero_valentine_suppliesOnce I had all the components ready, I assembled the lollipops by sliding the capes up the stick and onto the wrappers, and taping the masks in place. What a great Valentine for boys!

superhero_valentineDid you have to make Valentines for your kids this year? If so, what did you create?


  • dawn February 12, 2014 at 11:29 pm

    Oh my word! The super hero capes and masks are so cute and tiny and I love them! I think my son would find a funny way to use them besides on valentine’s! He loves figurines, so I’m sure he’d have the cape and mask on a cat figurine or something!
    You are one talented lady! WOw, you do a lot of different things and are knowledgeable on a plethora of things! I love that in people…the desire to know a lot about many things.
    I also loved your list of things you love. I have been trying to go paperless, too, but I found one app was a scam! Ugh. Why do people do scams!? THere is an app that is called unroll or something that is supposed to clean up your email, too, and get rid of all the junk/spam emails.
    Anyway, I loved all of your artsy stuff and love your creativity!

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