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Wine bottle gift tag 650 650 Atop Serenity Hill

Wine bottle gift tag

I couldn’t resist recycling some great product tags my husband gave me from his new water bottles. They had such a fun water droplet pattern on them that I knew…

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Art journal play 567 769 Atop Serenity Hill

Art journal play

November is the month for many art journalers to give NaNoJouMo, or National Nonstop Journaling Month, a try. You can read more about it here. The timing was not the…

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Quirky eye bookmarks 650 796 Atop Serenity Hill

Quirky eye bookmarks

I have made quite a few bookmarks that I’ve shared with you all (here, here and here). Since I am forever losing them (or leaving them in the books I…

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Adding nature to a wood welcome sign 474 1024 Atop Serenity Hill

Adding nature to a wood welcome sign

Summer camps are in full swing and finding fun but simple crafts for the kids to do isn’t always easy. I’m over at Walnut Hollow this week with a creative…

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Don’t think, just paint 650 472 Atop Serenity Hill

Don’t think, just paint

I am not a fan of painting on stretched canvas. I’d much rather paint on something that serves a function other than to just hang on a wall. I know…

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DIY art supply caddy 650 731 Atop Serenity Hill

DIY art supply caddy

I don’t know about you but I love containers…especially if they can coral all of the stuff that accumulates on my art table! Free or inexpensive containers that are cute?…

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Create a scene by layering stencils 646 1024 Atop Serenity Hill

Create a scene by layering stencils

As part of my Crafter’s Workshop design team duties, I dug into my (now) huge stash of stencils to show you how I layered five different stencils to create a…

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Just listen 650 650 Atop Serenity Hill

Just listen

Have you ever been out walking or driving, reached your destination and have no recollection of how you got there? Yeah, me too. I get so far inside my head…

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