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Simple brushstrokes to improve your face painting 150 150 Consie Sindet

Simple brushstrokes to improve your face painting

Today I’m continuing my series on tips, tricks and ideas for face painting at birthday parties and other special events. The other posts in the series are: tips on using…

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Painted fondant cupcake toppers 550 451 Consie Sindet

Painted fondant cupcake toppers

Last week you had a hint at these cute cupcake toppers sitting on top of my new DIY cake plate! Today I want to share with you how they came…

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Rainbow Butterfly Face Paint Tutorial 550 693 Consie Sindet

Rainbow Butterfly Face Paint Tutorial

The look on a child’s face the first time they see themselves in the mirror after they have been face painted is priceless! There are many parents who would love…

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Creativity Coach 150 150 Consie Sindet

Creativity Coach

This post came about because of two emails I recently received that had me thinking about the 10+ years I was a decorative painting teacher, and the reasons I write…

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Recycling Container 550 430 Consie Sindet

Recycling Container

One of my favorite blogs to read is IHeart Organizing, mostly because I aspire to be that organized!! The author, Jen, decided to have a challenge for her readers this…

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