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Tie-dyed canvas Easter eggs & burlap wreath 550 521 Atop Serenity Hill

Tie-dyed canvas Easter eggs & burlap wreath

I decided to reuse the base of the wreath that I used in my Shamrock tutorial to create an Easter version. Since I had hot glued the canvas shamrocks with…

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Shamrocks and burlap wreath 550 367 Atop Serenity Hill

Shamrocks and burlap wreath

It has been a while since I’ve made a wreath of any kind so I thought St Patrick’s Day would be the perfect time. It was also a chance to…

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Recycling Container 550 430 Atop Serenity Hill

Recycling Container

One of my favorite blogs to read is IHeart Organizing, mostly because I aspire to be that organized!! The author, Jen, decided to have a challenge for her readers this…

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Painted tree growth chart 150 150 Atop Serenity Hill

Painted tree growth chart

One of my favorite couples asked me to paint a growth chart for their son who had recently turned one. Sarah and I discussed the project with a look to…

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