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A Peek Inside: my art journal 650 488 Consie Sindet

A Peek Inside: my art journal

I spent 30 days between January and February playing along with Rae Missigman’s Art Marks daily art exercise. It was ridiculously fun! I enjoyed creating the pages so much and…

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Time lapse video peeks in my art journal 150 150 Consie Sindet

Time lapse video peeks in my art journal

I love sharing my work on Instagram but sometimes a photo just doesn’t show enough! So I’ve started setting up my phone camera above me to record what I’m drawing,…

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#InkTober mandala update 650 650 Consie Sindet

#InkTober mandala update

I am halfway through my #InkTober challenge to draw a mandala everyday for the month of October and I’m not bored yet! It happens…believe me! But there is something about…

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Inspiration card deck 650 883 Consie Sindet

Inspiration card deck

UPDATE: Learn to make your own Inspiration Cards with my online class! Click here for all the details! I have had a love of inspiration cards for many years. The…

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#28patterns 650 325 Consie Sindet


One of my favorite bloggers, Blazer Designs, added a fun challenge to Instagram for the month of February…make a pattern everyday using whatever you like. The hashtag is #28patterns if…

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Selfie love letter 650 861 Consie Sindet

Selfie love letter

I adore Instagram. I like to think that I use it to share me. But, as I look back through my feed, mostly it is my art (and pets) that…

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#CarveDecember stamp update 650 650 Consie Sindet

#CarveDecember stamp update

Carving stamps has been a great stress reliever this month. It completely adsorbs your attention! We are halfway through the #CarveDecember challenge that I am participating in and I’m so…

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In love with raindrops 650 650 Consie Sindet

In love with raindrops

Every time it rains, I find myself searching for that perfect raindrop picture. It all started with the picture below. I’ve only managed to capture a few (I’ve posted them…

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