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Lego Greeting Card 550 535 Consie Sindet

Lego Greeting Card

Last week I shared a couple of Lego projects with you…a Lego birthday cake and Lego-inspired sponge water bombs. I have one more for you…the greeting card I made for…

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Lego birthday cake 550 423 Consie Sindet

Lego birthday cake

My friend, Christie, always comes up with such fun ideas for cakes for her boys’ birthday parties. Last year we made an Angry Birds cake (her son was obsessed!) that…

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Lego inspired sponge water bombs 550 520 Consie Sindet

Lego inspired sponge water bombs

The idea of a sponge water bomb is in no way new. I found a ton of photos on Pinterest that I used for inspiration. However, to the 8 year…

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