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Daily doodling update 650 413 Consie Sindet

Daily doodling update

I am a fan of creative challenges. I usually participate in monthly ones as I tend to get bored easily. This year I decided to try to create a daily…

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Pretty butterfly planner clips 650 650 Consie Sindet

Pretty butterfly planner clips

I want to share an easy little project for all you planner addicts…a trio of pretty textured butterfly planner clips or placemarkers! The Crafter’s Workshop provided me with some product…

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Daily doodling 650 488 Consie Sindet

Daily doodling

Since January 1st, I have been creating a mini doodle a day in my planner and posting the pictures twice a week on Instagram. I decided that I wanted to…

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How I use stencils in my planner 650 404 Consie Sindet

How I use stencils in my planner

I have been using a paper planner this year from the Get To Work Book® in an effort to stay more organized! I choose it because it is simple with…

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My 3 must-have art journaling supplies 650 500 Consie Sindet

My 3 must-have art journaling supplies

Since I started art journaling this year, I’ve discovered three supplies that I love and can’t seem to live without! PS…these are in addition to my on the go doodling…

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