The art of camouflage • Creative Every Day • March

The art of camouflage • Creative Every Day • March

The art of camouflage • Creative Every Day • March 550 676 Consie Sindet

Welcome back! Thanks for checking out this month’s project. You can find February’s here.

The theme for March was Black and White. I found this a little funny since I used black and white paintings for last month’s Light theme.
blackwhitecamoBut it got me thinking about what I wrote in that post: “I don’t remember ever really painting with just black and white. I use so much color with the face and body painting that this was a great learning experience!! Maybe I need to see about painting a face using just black and white…hmmm.” I do paint skull faces with black and white but thought I would push it a bit more this time and use a bit of a camo idea.
kristine-collageSo I volunteered my good friend, Kristine, to be my model. Doesn’t take much…she is usually up for anything! I had this fabric left over from another project I had done. I found it at Walmart for those of you that might like the pattern.
painting_kris_bwfabricI started with all white and then added in the black to mimic the pattern behind her. I used face paint as it is safe for the skin. If you would like to try doing something like this, please visit my Amazon store for recommendations (ps…this is an affiliate link). Do not use acrylic paints!! They are not safe to use on the skin in this way.blackwhitefacepaintingThe idea was to get as close to the pattern as possible without driving myself nuts. The pattern is actually leaves but with all the hills and valleys on Kris’s face and body, the general gist was fine.
blackwhitecamoSo there you have it. My attempt at blending a face and partial body into a black and white design. I have some other ideas in mind so will share them with you as I try them.
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Would you like to be painted like this? Would you try painting something like this? I would love to hear your comments!



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