Word of the Year Workshop replay

2023 Word of the Year Workshop • Replay

I’ve been choosing a word for my year since 2014. It all started with FAITH and has continued every year since. Some years the word was a true daily guide and a way to tap back into my intentions and be present. Some years the word was just there and popped up when it was needed, floating in and out of my consciousness. Here’s what I have chosen in the past:

Faith • Create • Curiosity • Flourish • Choose • Enough • Ease • Experiment • Release

Release is my current word and has been one of the words I’m reminded of daily. I also made sure that would happen by creating a card that sits by my bed so I see it everyday! After my year of Experiment in 2021, I felt like I was holding on too tightly to things, ideas, expectations, and so took this year to open my hands and learn to let go. I can’t say I’m there yet, but the journey never really ends, does it? For 2023 I’ve chosen Flow. As I release, may I flow with whatever shows up!

The replay will be available to watch until the end of January, 2023. I have not password protected this page so I’m going to trust that you will not share the link!

Please feel free to email me at consie@atopserenityhill.com with any questions, comments or just to share!

You can find a great way to look up synonyms at WordHippo.com

Thank you so much for being in my creative world! And may 2023 not suck and just BE!