Paper Crafts

Gelli® printed mail art envelopes 650 944 Consie Sindet

Gelli® printed mail art envelopes

Sending snail mail should never be boring! A gorgeous and bright decorated mail art envelope always brings a smile to everyone that comes in contact with it. I recently created…

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Stenciled greeting cards 650 650 Consie Sindet

Stenciled greeting cards

As we move more into the new year, it seems that I have the need to keep some more general greeting cards on hand for both happy and sad events…

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Happy Holidays + a last minute gift tag 631 618 Consie Sindet

Happy Holidays + a last minute gift tag

Happy Holidays, everyone! I hope you enjoy your time with family and friends AND just in case you need one more last minute gift tag idea for this holiday season,…

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Stenciled mail art postcards 650 900 Consie Sindet

Stenciled mail art postcards

I recently had a conversation with my best friend, Kristine, about pen pals that got me thinking about sending out some actual mail to a few friends and family just…

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#InkTober mandala update 650 650 Consie Sindet

#InkTober mandala update

I am halfway through my #InkTober challenge to draw a mandala everyday for the month of October and I’m not bored yet! It happens…believe me! But there is something about…

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Inspiration for creatives 650 650 Consie Sindet

Inspiration for creatives

One of my favorite podcasts is by Tiffany Han. On my birthday earlier this year she shared a podcast called 10 Success Secrets of the Highly Creative. I loved what…

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Quirky eye bookmarks 650 796 Consie Sindet

Quirky eye bookmarks

I have made quite a few bookmarks that I’ve shared with you all (here, here and here). Since I am forever losing them (or leaving them in the books I…

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Stenciled sympathy greeting card 650 545 Consie Sindet

Stenciled sympathy greeting card

My husband and I recently had to attend the funeral of a dear family friend and, as I find myself doing lately, I turned to my art to deal with…

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